Charlene of Monaco: She comes out of silence to launch an unexpected project

This Thursday, February 24, “Le Parisien” announced the return of Princess Charlene in a very special project. On this occasion, the wife of Albert of Monaco, absent from the Rock for months, spoke in the columns of the newspaper after many weeks spent without giving news.

Charlene of Monaco finally comes out of silence! In convalescence away from the principality since November, the wife of Prince Albert spoke for the first time since Christmas Eve and December 31. This Thursday, February 24, she spoke in the columns of Le Parisien, for a special occasion. Indeed, according to the daily newspaper, Princess Charlene is back for a brand new amazing project: she becomes the heroine of a manga. Entitled “Blitz”, this French-Japanese comic book, written by Cedric Biscay, has a chess theme and will be released this Friday, February 25.

As Le Parisien explains, the appearance of Jacques and Gabriella’s mother will be brief, since she will only be seen on four pages of the book. We can discover her going to the casino of Monte Carlo with her bodyguard, to give a conference. On the spot, she will cross two young children who will indicate to her how much they are impatient to attend the next chess tournament of the principality.

“The idea of participating in the Blitz adventure immediately appealed to me”.

From her place of convalescence, the Princess of Monaco spoke to Le Parisien. “I am delighted with the release of the sixth volume of Blitz, beautifully sublimated by Garry Kasparov and drawn by Daitaro Nishihara. The idea of participating in the Blitz adventure immediately appealed to me, and I thank Cedric Biscay for inviting me to discover the world of manga,” she said. For his part, the creator of the work explained that he “asked for her agreement” to the wife of Prince Albert before “making her appear in Blitz”. “I went through the protocol,” said Cedric Biscay, before affirming that Charlene had “immediately accepted” the proposal. After seeing the plates, “she did not ask for any modification”, finished the author.

Princess Charlene, soon back in Monaco?

After spending eight months in South Africa because of a succession of operations for ENT problems, the princess was briefly back on the Rock last November. But in view of her state of health, she had again left her family to rest in a specialized center in Switzerland. After three months of convalescence, the former champion swimmer is better, according to her husband Albert of Monaco. Last Thursday, February 17, the prince was indeed reassuring: “Princess Charlene is much better,” he had announced to our confreres of Monaco Matin. “I hope she will be back in the Principality very soon”, he added. Does this presage the definitive return of the princess on the Rock?

Photo credits: Claudia Albuquerque / Bestimage



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