Charlene of Monaco: This big decision she made after an unfortunate discovery

According to the information of Voici, Friday, February 25, 2022, Charlene of Monaco would not wish to return to the Rock. She would have taken a big decision for her and her two children.

The months follow each other and are similar for Charlene of Monaco. The wife of Prince Albert of Monaco is always far from the Rock. Indeed, after living for many months in South Africa, she is now in Switzerland, where she is resting in a specialized clinic. “She knew that the best thing to do for her was to go and rest and have a real medical treatment,” explained her husband in the columns of People. After nearly three months of rest, she would have made a big decision. Indeed, according to information from Voici, relayed Friday, February 25, 2022, the princess would not want to return to Monaco. “She understood that returning to live in Monaco would not do her any good at all”, a source quoted by our confrères explained.

Only, there is the question of her children. While she has already suffered a lot from the separation of Jacques and Gabriella during these last months, she would not wish to be away from them. Just as she could live it as a princess, she would not wish that they undergo this pressure. So, still according to Voici, she would like to educate them as she sees fit.

Charlene of Monaco would like to educate her children away from the Rock

“She no longer wants Jacques and Gabriella to grow up in Monaco. She wants to settle elsewhere, with them, and that it is Albert who makes trips back and forth to see them,” the source said. At the same time, Voici mentions a mysterious discovery that the princess would have made and that would have given her even more reason on this need to distance herself from the principality.

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