Prince Albert of Monaco avoids conflict – drastic conditions imposed by Princess Charlene for his return

Prince Albert of Monaco would deal with increasingly drastic requests from Charlene of Monaco, who would not consider a return to the Palace, once recovered from her serious depression that she would treat in Switzerland.

Since the specialized clinic of Zurich, the first lady of Monaco would try to blur the tracks every time the man of her life evokes the modalities of his return.

Charlene of Monaco, even if she “is better”, would refuse to return to the Rock, says the magazine Voici, which does not evoke for all that stormy zone within the couple. The former swimmer, whose photos have not been published for months, would be especially tired of his life in Monaco and the pressure of protocol.

A source close to the princely family confronts the statement of Voici.
“She puts more and more drastic conditions, hoping that she understands that she does not want to return. Except that Albert does not like conflict, and so he does what he can to make it easier for her, “says this source.

Prince Albert would be the only one that things could go back to the way they were”.

Charlene of Monaco terrified in Zurich, revelation on her secret anguish

If there is one thing that Charlene of Monaco is not supposed to bear in her sister-in-law, Princess Caroline, it would be the role of the latter with her twins, Gabriella and Jacques.

The eldest of the Grimaldis who considered herself as the guardian of the Rock would be convinced that her sister-in-law, absent from the principality for several months, would not return to the Rock. And in her eyes, it should be projected on the next.

The magazine Voici says a little more about their conflicting relationship.
Caroline of Monaco would think that her brother, Prince Albert of Monaco, “would not have broad enough shoulders and she is convinced that Charlene will not return,” said a close source.

A source told Voici magazine: “She is convinced that Charlene will not return. She puts everything on Gabriella and Jacques because for her, the future of the principality is at stake”.

Charlene of Monaco whose return for very soon was announced by Prince Albert “sees her sister-in-law as a woman who dreams of taking control of her children and who does not support her”.

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