Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge: Her unexpected exit in… the favorite bar of Prince Harry

After a lightning trip to Copenhagen, Kate Middleton found some time to go for a drink with the parents of Thomas’s Battersea School, where her children are enrolled. The opportunity for her to go to a bar fetish of Prince Harry.

After the effort, the comfort for Kate Middleton. Duchess full time at the service of the British monarchy, the wife of Prince William recently went to Copenhagen for an official trip of two days, after returning from Dubai. It was a crucial trip for her, who has been very attached for many years to the issues of early childhood development, seeking to learn more about the Danish method in this regard. But before a stay in the spotlight, Kate Middleton needed to take some good time with some friends, as reported by the Daily Mail. And for that, nothing better than a little drink.

According to the tabloid, the Duchess of Cambridge was seen last week at the Hollywood Arms, a pub located in the Chelsea district of London. A place that she frequents with the parents of Thomas’s Battersea School, where her eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, attend school. “There was no fuss or fanfare,” assured a source, who said that this establishment is the favorite place of parents of students of this posh school in London. And for several years, it was also the favorite bar of Prince Harry, for whom the former owners had even created a secret entrance, so that he could come and go without being photographed.
Kate Middleton out for a rugby match

Discreet when she is not on duty for the British royal family, as during the England-Wales match where she went with her son George as part of his patronage for the Rugby Federation, Kate Middleton is however a regular of drinks with friends while waiting for her children to get out of school. And it is always at the Hollywood Arms that she goes, surely to take advantage of the secret entrance set up for Prince Harry, and thus guarantee him a maximum of discretion. And above all, a little peace and quiet to sip his cocktails.


Prince George: his remarked “tackle” towards his mother Kate Middleton

While accompanying his parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William, to the England-Wales match for the Six Nations, Prince George did not fail to tease his mother.

From the top of his eight years, Prince George has not his tongue in his pocket. Very active members of the British royal family, Kate Middleton and Prince William hold many patronages and chain each week of official travel. Back from a stay alone in Copenhagen to talk about early childhood with the Danes, the Duchess of Cambridge continued her obligations, Saturday, February 26, by going to Twickenham to attend the England-Wales match. A meeting that was made within the framework of the Six Nations Tournament, while she recovered the patronage of Prince Harry, who was sponsor of the English Rugby Federation.

A new status for Kate Middleton, which allowed her to show how sporty she is, she who never misses a Wimbledon tournament. And while she was accompanied on Prince William, godfather of the Welsh Rugby Federation, she had also invited her eldest son Prince George to attend the match. Fascinated by soccer, and supporter of the same team as his father, the eight-year-old boy has been learning about rugby for several months, as his mother confided during the England-Wales match. “He has the whole kit,” she said, reports the Daily Star. And as he was clarifying that he had recently learned to make tackles, he turned to his mother and said, “But I haven’t tackled you yet!”

When should George reappear in public?

An amusing little “tackle” from Prince George, who proved to be a very confident little boy at the age of eight, who rarely appears in public. If he is destined to be king of England, the little boy lives for the moment out of sight, appearing only during official outings of the royal family. We should undoubtedly see him again next June during the celebrations of the jubilee of Elizabeth II.

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