Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William smiling and accomplices: This new exit noticed

Kate and William were in Wales to celebrate St. David’s Day on Tuesday, March 1, and met with local farmers and artisans during their official visit, which was marked by complicity and sharing.

It is a new no-fail for Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton. After having multiplied the official trips alone, the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge met in Wales to celebrate St. David’s Day, on this Tuesday, March 1st. During this official visit, the couple went to discover the agricultural industry and local producers. And to start their day, the parents of George, Charlotte and Louis went first to Pant Farm, a Welsh farm specialized in the production of cheese. After having taken the time to talk with the farmers, William and Kate headed to the Abergavenny market.

After tasting the local produce and taking a dip in the crowd, the couple headed to the Blaenavon Hwb community center. Very committed to the preservation of the environment and the fight against global warming, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did not hesitate to play the apprentice gardeners. For once, Kate Middleton did not hesitate to show off her person with grace and elegance. Perched on her heels, the mother of the family grabbed the shovel to plant a tree in honor of the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Once again, Kate and William have shown that they are fulfilling their royal obligations perfectly.

Kate and William prepare their next royal tour

This official visit to Wales is just the beginning for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. In a few days, Kate and William will begin a new royal tour in the Caribbean, as confirmed by Hello Magazine. From March 19 to 26, the son and daughter-in-law of Prince Charles will fly to Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

During this trip, Kate and William will celebrate the cultural richness of the Garifuna community. For this occasion, the couple will focus on the biodiversity of the country. And once they arrive in Jamaica, the future heirs will pay tribute to Bob Marley and the musical culture.

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE



  1. Oh brother. They went on another inane visit. Big deal. What did they really accomplish? Nothing. What did it cost the taxpayer? Lots. But hey! They got to see Saint Catherine and Pope William up close and personal. If I never read about another expensive useless visit from the Cambridges, it will still be too many.


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