Prince Albert of Monaco, insomnia, opioid addiction, this happy news with Charlene

Prince Albert of Monaco would be reassured for his wife, Charlene of Monaco, who would have finished with a terrible addiction. She would also have solved her insomnia. Everything would go from now on for the best.

Last November, the magazine Voici gave terrifying news of the first lady of Monaco, specifying the reasons for his departure from his isolation for eight months in South Africa.

She would be “addicted for nine years to a dangerous cocktail of sleeping pills (stilnox, Imovane and Carfentanil derivatives, an extremely powerful opioid”.

A source close to the Palace corroborated this statement.

“It all started with painkillers to treat an old injury,” she explained. And since over time, because she could not sleep, she fell into a vicious circle.

But since then, everything would be for the best, we learn again Voici, in its edition of February 25. She would have finished with her addiction.
“She is much better. She found the sleep and she is served of the medicines “, specifies this source. “Above all, for the last three months, she has had time to think about the future and she understood that going back to live in Monaco would not do her any good at all”.

Prince Albert and Charlene of Monaco “threatened”, unstoppable decision to Russians

After being threatened with his wife, Charlene of Monaco, Prince Albert of Monaco would have taken his revenge against the Russian mafia. The sovereign prince confirmed his decision.

The magazine Ici Paris reported threats to Prince Albert of Monaco and his wife. They are supposedly threatened by the Russian mafia, following André Muhlberger, a close friend of the Monegasque sovereign who had entrusted him in 2009 with the post of director of public security of Monaco.


“Ici Paris” had questioned the security of the princely family. “The princely family could be threatened?

And today, Prince Albert of Monaco takes a decision those freezing the assets of some Russians, following the invasion of Ukraine, a decision confirmed in a statement.

“Monaco stands by the Ukrainian popularity and calls for the respect of humanitarian law. The principality is ready to provide assistance to humanitarian organizations,” said the publication The principality is ready to provide assistance to humanitarian organizations courageously engaged on the ground.

In accordance with its international commitments, the Principality has adopted and implemented, without delay, procedures for freezing funds and economic sanctions identical to those taken by most European states.

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