Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge “shy”: her trick to face the photographers

Put forward by the British Royal family, Kate Middleton enchaînes public appearances in solitary. “Horribly shy”, according to the Daily Mail, this Wednesday March 2, the Duchess of Cambridge has a foolproof trick to seduce photographers.

Kate Middleton has flaws that she fights every day. Future queen consort and exemplary wife of Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge is “horribly shy”, reveals the Daily Mail, this Wednesday March 2. In order not to give in to stress and reveal her lack of confidence, the mother of George, Charlotte and Louis and her teams have developed a fine strategy: “The Cambridge team at Kensington Palace has decided to limit the number of photographers allowed at each post, so that Kate does not find herself facing a “wall of cameras”, which makes her interaction much more natural,” confided a royal source.

Becoming a mother has notably freed Kate Middleton from her weaknesses and stress: “She is doing so much better now. When she interacts with the children, she is very strong and very natural because she has three of them. More free and daring than before when she travels alone, the sister-in-law of Prince Harry now asserts herself: “It is obvious that Kate will be considered the most popular figure in the monarchy and she is ready to go out alone, as long as it does not overshadow her husband to whom she remains so devoted,” assures this source, close to our confreres.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge on the footsteps of Lady Diana?

While Queen Elizabeth II struggles to recover from Covid and Prince Andrew lurks in the shadows, Pippa Middleton’s sister has become the charming asset of the royal clan: “Kate, who recently turned 40, has agreed to make semi-regular appearances in the country and abroad, without William at her side.” Following in the footsteps of Princess Diana, the Duchess of Cambridge is taking a cue from her late mother-in-law: “What will happen is that when the couple travels abroad, it will be more like what Charles and Diana did, where each diversifies and does more engagements on their own. They’ll go to the same country, but she’ll go her way and he’ll go his,” it reads.

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