Hard to face the family”: Why Prince Harry might crash Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilee

As Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee approaches, speculation is rife about whether her grandson Harry will attend. The publication of his memoirs could well change the situation.

Separated by thousands of kilometers, Prince Harry and Elizabeth II could meet in June, on the occasion of the platinum jubilee of the sovereign … Provided that the youngest son of Diana and Prince Charles agrees to cross the Atlantic. His presence in the United Kingdom during the festivities is the subject of all the rumors and speculations, so much the relations are icy between the husband of Meghan Markle and the Royal clan, in particular his brother William and his father Charles. According to experts, the publication of his Memoirs in the fall of 2022 could complicate his reunion with the British crown. “It will be difficult for him to face his family. I think Harry won’t come back because he knows he can’t face his family and be nice to them, knowing what he wrote about them in this book,” royal biographer Tom Bower told Closer UK.

The revelation of this autobiographical project has sent shockwaves through the UK. Prince Harry plans to open up in a series of very personal books, where he will talk about his upbringing in London, his past Royal life and his relationship with Meghan Markle, the mother of his two children. Memoirs that could taint a little more his relationship with the Firm, somewhat strained since his shattering departure to California. “This book will cause many victims and much harm. He’s going to have to keep his promises, to justify the money he received to do it. How can Prince Harry come back and pretend everything is okay? The worst of what he will say is yet to come,” Royal biographer Tom Bower analyzed to Closer UK, referring to the “ultimate dilemma” the Duke of Sussex will have to answer.

Prince Harry wants to donate his fortune

To design this series of books, Prince Harry has concluded a particularly juicy contract. His publisher Penguin Random House would have already paid him 20 million dollars in advance. The main interested party has assured him that he will donate these funds to charity. During a trip in August 2021 in Aspen, Colorado, Prince Harry said he had donated 1.5 million dollars to his association Sentebale, dedicated to helping children with HIV in Africa. “I am delighted to be able to support Sentebale, both physically and financially, through a personal donation to meet immediate needs,” he had announced in a statement.

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