Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge: Her emotional confession during a one-on-one with the Queen

As a mother of three, Kate Middleton has had to learn to reconcile family life and royal duties. An arduous task, says the “Mirror”, especially with the arrival of her first child, as she confessed to Elizabeth II.

Despite a cyclopean schedule, the mother of George, Charlotte and Louis has now managed to find a point of balance to fully participate in the education of her offspring. However, with the arrival of little George in 2013, Kate Middleton encountered some difficulties in being a full-time mom. Faced with this overwork, the Duchess of Cambridge had then turned to Elizabeth II, known for her wisdom and good advice. “Kate had a conversation with the Queen in which she confided that she had found it very difficult to be alone with George, without having a full-time nanny,” said royal expert Katie Nicholl in the True Royalty documentary, Kate Middleton: Heir We Go Again, as reported by the Mirror on Saturday, March 5.

Kate Middleton and her better half, Prince William, managed to keep up for three months after the birth of their first son before finally calling on the services of a nanny: Maria Borrallo, now dubbed “super nanny” by the British. The Spanish-born nanny, a real gem, has never left the couple. Kate Middleton also found support from her mother, Carole. “Carole is a regular at the gilded gates of Kensington Palace, she speeds by in her Land Rover. There’s no security, because everyone knows her. She comes to help at bedtime and bath time. She is absolutely essential,” the expert added, as reported by our colleagues in the Mirror.

When the Duchess was brooding

Kate Middleton is always smiling during her many trips. However, during her entry into the royal family after saying yes for life to Prince William in 2011, the duchess has experienced dark hours. Faced with the urgency of having a child, she had undergone great pressure as illustrated by Elizabeth Gouslan in her book Meghan Markle or the despair of princesses: “To become the mother of the future king of England, such is now his challenge, his job for the next five years.”

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