Charlene of Monaco: Trembling in the Principality! Now she’s finally back!

After months of absence to treat a moral and physical exhaustion, Charlene of Monaco would finally get ready to make her big return on the Rock. A joyful news!

“Charlene of Monaco: Trembling in the Principality! Now she is finally back!”, headlines the German magazine Neue Post for which there is no doubt, the wife of Prince Albert of Monaco is about to make his great on the Rock.

“The tears flow again at her twins, Gabriella and Jacques flow again – but this time with joy. Because mom is coming back! And then Jacques and Gabriella (7 years) can finally hug their mother Charlene (43 years) again. We can only hope that this happiness lasts forever, “says the publication.

If Prince Albert of Monaco does not communicate about this return, and does not deliver any date after announcing his return, it would be to avoid a false-bond of the princess.

After months of guerrilla warfare against the disease, Charlene of Monaco would be on the verge of succumbing to the disease.

The magazine “Voici”, the first lady would not be close to making his grand return, even if his condition.
“She puts more and more drastic conditions, hoping that she understands that she does not want to return. Except that Albert doesn’t like conflict, so he does everything she can to make it easier for her”.

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