Charlene of Monaco : The backstage of her very first dinner with Albert

Prince Albert of Monaco celebrates his 64th birthday this Monday, March 14. After many months spent away from her wife, Charlene finally returned to the Rock, just in time to celebrate this event.

Charlene and Albert of Monaco were united in July 2011 in a grand wedding on the Rock. Eleven years later, they will celebrate the prince’s 64th birthday together this Monday, March 14, after Charlene’s long months of recovery. The princess was stuck in South Africa and then interned in a specialized institution near Monaco, following an infection of the ENT sphere. She is finally back, as announced in a statement relayed by Paris-Match. On this occasion, they will perhaps remember their meeting, in 2000, during a swimming tournament. Charlene Wittstock, Olympic swimmer, hit the eye of the most coveted bachelor in Europe.

After a first exchange of glances and a bouquet given to the champion, it was not until a year later that Prince Albert II took the plunge himself. In 2001, Charlene Wittstock is back on the Rock. Her suitor invited her to dinner. “You have to talk to my coach” she replied, “‘No’ would not be the right answer” he replied. A Rolls is sent to her hotel, their first dinner will be unforgettable, “a dream evening” as she had confided in the columns of the Sunday Times of Johannesburg. “He was charming, a true gentleman, asking me many questions, interested in me, in what I liked in life” reports Philippe Coste in the book Charlene et ces drôles de dames de Monaco.

Charlene Wittstock becomes Charlene of Monaco

They will then dance in a night club until dawn. At the Palace, they sip coffee and admire the city. From then on, Prince Albert II will multiply the return trips to South Africa to find his beautiful, thwarting the attention of journalists. It was not until 2006 that the couple made their relationship official during the Olympic Games in Turin. In 2011, the same year as Kate Middleton and Prince William, Albert II married Charlene Wittstock, who thus became Princess of Monaco. The couple will welcome twins in December 2014, Jacques and Gabriella. Since her marriage, Charlene of Monaco has been able to shake up traditions and impose her style with boldness.

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