Prince Albert II of Monaco is 64 years old: a look at his physical evolution

This Monday, March 14, Prince Albert of Monaco celebrates his 64th birthday. For the occasion, discover what he looked like when he was young in our photo slideshow.

Sixty-four years have passed since Prince Albert was born on March 14, 1958 in Monaco. The son of Grace Kelly and Rainier III has since changed a lot. Like many others before him, he has aged. His features are less fine, his corpulence is more imposing and his hair is more rare. In our photo slideshow, you will discover how much Albert II has changed in recent years.

What we notice most? His hair. When he was younger, the husband of Charlene of Monaco had indeed a beautiful light brown hair above his head. His hair has gradually darkened and has even been shaved several times. In 1995, he cut his hair very short, which was already scarce at that time. Since then, his hairstyle has not changed much.

BestimageAlbert II surrounded by his family with light brown hair, in 1975.


Albert II tried to wear a mustache

In 2017, the father of Gabriella and James had surprised everyone by sporting a beautiful mustache. This was one of the few times, if not the only time, when the Prince of Monaco dared to change his look. However, this new style lasted only a few months. Albert II quickly shaved it all off and regained the face that everyone recognizes. Since then, he has not had any other physical changes. Perhaps he will have a little surprise in store for us soon?

Photo credits: Bestimage



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