Princess Charlene of Monaco: Why no photos of her return to the Rock have been released

After 4 months of care abroad, Charlene of Monaco has returned to the principality, according to the palace. Good news, even if no photo of her reunion with Albert II and their twins Jacques and Gabriella has been released. Explanations.

Charlene of Monaco is finally back in the principality. The palace confirmed the news in an official statement, this Saturday, March 12. After 4 months of care away from the Rock, the words on her return to Albert II were chosen carefully. “In agreement with her doctors and while her recovery is well underway, their Serene Highnesses have agreed together that Princess Charlene can now continue her convalescence in the principality, with her husband and children,” the statement reads at the outset. To understand that Charlene has returned, as she had left: of her own free will. Despite the sensationalist rumors of an “internment”, under high surveillance, in a transalpine establishment.

In the same way that she was exfiltrated from Monaco in the greatest discretion in mid-November, the princess has returned to the Rock without a single photograph to show for it. While she was back from South Africa, early November, the palace had however immortalized her first reunion with Albert II and their twins Jacques and Gabriella. The new communication of the palace intrigues. We can only guess that the princess, extremely thin on her return from South Africa, due to her medical ordeal, a loss of appetite and sleep, is still fragile and must gain strength.

Princess Charlene’s spirits are high, but her physical condition is not yet optimal

“The next few weeks should allow her to recover completely before being able to gradually resume her official activities,” confirms, in a word chosen, the palace. The nervous fatigue of the princess has been treated. On February 17, Albert II, himself, spoke in this sense. But physically, the former champion swimmer, who had been severely tested by an ENT infection and several trips to the operating room, has clearly not recovered her Olympic form. Even in mid-February, her husband did not hide the fact that she would have to continue dental treatment.

No mention was made of the princess’ place of residence on the Rock. In the palace? In a private apartment of the Grimaldis near the port? On the heights of Roc Agel, Charlene’s favorite refuge in recent years? The same mystery surrounds the first appearance of the princess, even if the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco, at the end of May, and the Water Bike Challenge of her Foundation, at the beginning of June, should mark her return under the flashlights. “As soon as her health allows it, it will be with joy that the princess will share again privileged moments of conviviality with the Monegasque people who have missed her so much”, the palace eludes. Duly noted.

Photo credits: Bruno Bebert / Bestimage



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