Charlene of Monaco: Why she could lose custody of her children, Jacques and Gabriella

On the set of Touche pas à mon poste, Friday, March 18, 2022, a specialist of the principality made revelations about the future of Charlene of Monaco’s children, Jacques and Gabriella.

The speculations around Charlene of Monaco are numerous. While she made her return to the Rock after many months of absence for health reasons, she would finally not be at the Palace. According to information from Voici, dated Friday, March 18, 2022, she would have found refuge in Roc Agel. An information confirmed by Bertrand Deckers, specialist of the Gotha, on the set of Touche pas à mon poste the same day. He also returned to the mental state of the wife of Prince Albert of Monaco, who would have suffered greatly from the lack of his two children, Jacques and Gabriella. “They have been only twice in South Africa while she stayed there for a very long time,” said Bertrand Deckers.

“And it was clear that the Palace was showing the world that the twins belong to the Principality. They are Monegasque. If Charlene had decided let’s admit, there are no real problems in the couple, I do not think at this point, but let’s admit that she would have decided to leave the Principality […]. She would have left without the twins and that’s a fact within the constitution,” said the royal expert.

Charlene of Monaco would feel many pressures

Still according to Bertrand Deckers, these are all the tensions within the principality that would have been the trigger for the “nervous breakdown” of the mother of the family. “There are so many other women in the Principality who would have dreamed of having Charlene’s job and who consider that they would have done it so much better than Charlene. They would make her feel permanently,” he continued.

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