Elizabeth II: This new installation at Balmoral speaks volumes about her health

After leaving Buckingham Palace for good, The Sun newspaper revealed this Friday, March 18, that Queen Elizabeth II had a wheelchair elevator installed in her favorite Scottish cottage, located on the Balmoral estate.

For several months, the state of health of Elizabeth II has worried the United Kingdom. So much so that the monarch has had to cancel her presence at many events, such as the Commonwealth Day on March 14. She would also have “difficulty in moving” some days as reported by sources of the palace to the Mirror.

So to avoid that she makes too much effort, Elizabeth II would have recently made some changes in one of her favorite residences. Indeed, an elevator adapted to wheelchairs would have been installed in Craigowan Lodge, her Scottish castle of Balmoral. A 20,000 pounds (about 24,000 euros) equipment built in anticipation of the Queen’s intention to spend more time in this residence. A new security gate, a state-of-the-art intercom system and a series of video surveillance cameras are also to be installed at the estate.

Craigowan is one of the Queen’s favorite homes

The state-of-the-art elevator can carry three adults or a wheelchair passenger, meaning that 95-year-old Elizabeth II can now get to her room without having to use the stairs. The monarch usually stays at Craigowan Lodge twice a year – in April and for two weeks in the summer. But with the installation of her elevator, she could now spend more time there. “Craigowan is one of the Queen’s favorite houses. She loves to stay there,” said a reporter for Majesty Magazine.

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