Princess Charlene of Monaco cooled by Jacques and Gabriella, revelation on their reaction

Back on the Rock after months of absence because of the disease, which spoiled his daily life, Charlene of Monaco would have been cooled by the reception of her twins, Gabriella and Jacques. They would not be used to their mother anymore.

Even if the princess of the Rock “is undoubtedly determined to find her husband, the road to get there is long,” reports the magazine France Dimanche, which reveals in its issue dated March 18 the backstage of the return of the first lady of the Rock on the Rock. Her reunion with her adorable twins, Gabriella and Jacques, would have been complicated.

“At 7 years old, the twins, who may have felt abandoned, have also had to learn to do without her,” says the publication.
If the wife of Prince Albert of Monaco is supposed to have disappointed her husband and their twins, as well as some members of the royal family, it would also be the case of the Monegasque people.

“Not to mention the Monegasque people who have, possibly, finally got used to his absence,” said the weekly people.
It was last week that the first lady made her comeback after three months of hospitalization in Switzerland. She was treated for moral and physical exhaustion.

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