Princess Charlene of Monaco in isolation at Roc Agel – discreet visit Stephanie of Monaco, the reason specified

Withdrawn from Roc Agel, the agricultural estate of the principality, Charlene of Monaco could probably receive a visit from Stephanie of Monaco, “regular” of the place.

“Roc Agel, the refuge of the Grimaldi family. It is a haven of peace of 56 hectares bought by Rainier in 1975, on the hillside, in the Monegasque hinterland,” reports Voici magazine, which confirms in its issue dated March 18. A photo of this place was unveiled.

“A dream place that the family calls “The Farm” and that reminds Charlene of the reserves of South Africa,” it is moreover.
De Roc Agel is a farm of 56 hectares where “horses, sheep, goats and dogs” live together.

“Even today, there are about 200 red hens – which is not nothing – able to provide eggs for the palate,” said another time, another magazine, Vanity Fair.
And in this area, no doubt Charlene of Monaco, who would not always have finished with the disease, could certainly receive the visit of Princess Stephanie of Monaco and for good reason! Her two elephants and her tiger are installed there.
Photos of these animals were published by Camille, the second daughter of Stephanie of Monaco.

Photos credits: Bestimage



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