Prince Charles moved to tears: The future king touched by the story of a father who fled Ukraine

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the royal family has taken a stand. Upset by the story of a family, Prince Charles had trouble holding back tears.

Prince Charles was overwhelmed. At St Luke’s Church in London, the Prince of Wales met with several people who have fled conflicts and disasters around the world. And in particular two Ukrainians, Andriy Kopylash and his daughter Veronika. If the father of the family was in England when the war broke out in his country, the young woman was on the spot, in Kiev. Fearing that the worst would happen, her father begged her to leave. When the conflict began, she managed to get on the last plane out of the Ukrainian capital to Italy. “We had wonderful support from the community here,” Andriy Kopylash explained to Elizabeth II’s son. In front of him, Prince Charles had a hard time holding back his emotion, overwhelmed by the fate of millions of people.

“He was very open and he had tears in his eyes. I was really impressed by him,” he explained after his meeting with Prince Charles. It was really nice to meet Prince Charles. He was really open and was really informed about the situation.” Since the war began, Camille Parker Bowles‘ husband has spoken out several times. During a visit to Southend-on-Sea at the beginning of March, he went beyond the reserve duty of members of the royal family to describe the Russian invasion as an attack “on freedom”: “What we experienced in the terrible tragedy in Southend (a member of parliament was murdered, ed.) was an attack on freedom, on an open society, on freedom itself. We see the same values being attacked today in Ukraine in the most excessive way possible.”

Camilla Parker Bowles: her beautiful gesture to help refugees

“We stand in solidarity with all those who resist brutal attacks,” added the father of Princes William and Harry. Prince Charles also went with his wife Camilla Parker Bowles to the cathedral of the Eparchy of the Holy Family of London of Ukrainians, located in the district of Mayfair, to meet with, among others, the Ukrainian ambassador in London. An emotional moment, during which the Duchess of Cornwall could not hold back her tears. “Our thoughts and prayers, however inadequate, are with you all at this most critical time,” said Prince Charles during his visit to the cathedral. His wife, meanwhile, made a donation to help Ukrainian refugees because she “wanted to help in any way we could.”

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