Princess Charlene of Monaco takes over – This deal inspired by Grace, new refuge in Switzerland

For her deal Prince Albert of Monaco, Charlene of Monaco would be inspired by the example of Princess Grace, who had also left the Rock after a falling out with her husband. The sovereign prince could not do anything.

The magazine “Voici” claims that the former swimmer has taken power in his couple and reports a deal with the Sovereign Prince of Monaco.
The Monegasque first lady should not linger at the Roc Agel, where she would be since his return to the principality. Her hope would be to put her bags in Switzerland, where her secretary would already look for a house.

“She agreed that the twins spend the school year in Monaco and that they join her at each vacation period. In addition, she has agreed to appear alongside Albert at major events such as the Rose Ball, the Grand Prix, or international ceremonies,” said a source.
Before Charlene of Monaco, her late mother-in-law, Princess Grace, had also left the Rock to settle in Paris.

Her brother, John Kelly Jr, therefore the uncle of Prince Albert, told “the nightlife of Rainier in the jet-set clubs of Marbella” in the American press, recalled his biographer, Sophie Adriansen, author of An American in Monaco.

“Grace said? that Stephanie should continue her education in Paris rather than in Monaco, so she and the children moved to 26 Avenue Foch, not far from the family mansion. Choosing a new address, close to Marcel Pagnol’s residence, rather than the building that belonged to the Grimaldis before she joined the family, was highly symbolic on Grace’s part.



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