Charlotte Casiraghi “summoned” to the Palace – Charlene of Monaco on the run in Switzerland, the reason

Charlotte Casiraghi, Caroline of Monaco, as well as her sister, Princess Stephanie, and all the members of the princely family, should multiply the protocol outings in order to compensate for the absence of Charlene of Monaco. She would then be in Switzerland.

According to the German daily “Bild” revealed a photo of Princess Charlene of Monaco very thin at Nice airport, as she was about to take a flight to Bern, the Swiss capital, confirming a rumor spread by the magazine Voici saying it wished to put his bags in this country she would appreciate.

The aunt of Charlotte Casiraghi was treated for four months for moral and physical exhaustion.
“She wants to stay in Switzerland. She returned to the area for reasons of communication,” said a source, assuring that Charlene of Monaco has taken her destiny in hand.

In the future, the members of the princely family, including Charlotte Casiraghi and the other children of Caroline of Monaco, should mobilize more to compensate for the absence of the former swimmer, who would not consider settling on the Rock.
“Since her return, Charlene thinks especially to return to Switzerland, and to live as she wants, finally free, “said the magazine Voici whose words seem to be confirmed.



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