Princess Charlene of Monaco “settled” in Bern, the date of her return revealed

Barely back on the Rock where she found her children that Charlene of Monaco would have already abandoned ship. She would have left Prince Albert to go to Bern, the Swiss capital.

Her leak is fed by the German daily “Bild” which unveiled a first photo for four months.

The wife of Prince Albert of Monaco in a loose brown coat and brown boots on board a plane at Nice airport.

With her short hair, she appears very fragile and ultra thin. Charlene of Monaco was escorted by airport employees.

The information revealed by the magazine Voici seems to be confirmed.

“She wants to stay living in Switzerland. She returned to the area for reasons of communications, and the time her secretary finds her an apartment there, “said a close source.
The first lady of the Rock would have given her agreement so that her children, Gabriella and Jacques remain in Monaco, and that they come to join her during the school vacations.

However, she would have agreed to make public appearances alongside the prince at major events.

Charlene of Monaco would have left the principality to head for Bern, the Swiss capital, reported a German media. The date of his return is specified.

According to the German daily Bild, the wife of Prince Albert of Monaco would have left the principality a few days after his return to set course for Bern, the Swiss capital.
A photo on which we discover her slimmed down with a loose coat, escorted by airport employees or bodyguards.

She would have taken a flight to Bern. At no time was there any question of marital crisis or dissension with Prince Albert of Monaco, who has also reassured on their couple several times.

But for the magazine Closer this time, in its issue dated March 18, Charlene of Monaco, who has not been spotted in public since last October, would make a comeback next May.

“She will probably give up the nearest deadlines, but could reappear in the eyes of the world on May 29, on the occasion of the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix,” said the publication.

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