Eugenie of York: Can she reconcile Prince Harry with the Firm?

This Wednesday, March 23, Eugenie of York celebrates her 32nd birthday. Cousin, but above all faithful friend of Prince Harry, she is the one who could renew the link between the Sussex and the Royal family. A high-risk mission in this year of the Queen’s platinum jubilee. Go Eugenie, go..

Inseparable cousins. She was the first and only member of the family to be introduced to 8-month-old Lilibet, the daughter of Prince Harry and Meghan. This shows how much Princess Eugenie, who celebrates her 32nd birthday this Wednesday, March 23, occupies a special place in the hearts of Sussex. This move from Frogmore Cottage, and her presence at the side of Prince Harry, last February 13, immortalized by the cameras of the whole world, in the stands of the Super Bowl, in Los Angeles, intrigues the specialists. Thirteenth in the order of succession to the throne of England, is the young woman not trying to ease the tensions between Prince Harry and the other members of the Crown? Isn’t she trying to make him give up his project of a three-part biography, which the royal family fears?

She has the legitimacy, perhaps even the power. For these two cousins adore each other. Five years separate them, but everything unites them. She grew up at Windsor Great Park Manor, he at Kensington Palace in London. But they have never been separated for long. Their mothers, Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson, friends, used to have tea with their offspring in apartments 8 and 9 of the London residence of the Princess of Wales. And then they shared Christmases, went so many times on vacation together, in the sun, skiing … Their bond is unique, strong, sincere.

The common points of Eugenie of York and Harry

A relationship that does not surprise Nancy Bihari-Andersson, chief psychologist at Mindler*: “It obviously depends on the family. But in some cases, cousins can be very close, and a strong bond of friendship can develop. The advantage of cousins is that they are about the same age as siblings, but they are not directly in the family unit. Thus, all the conflicts resulting from the daily life or the link parent/child are avoided”, she deciphers. And Prince Harry and Eugenie have a lot in common. A lot of them. The same sense of loyalty, the same frankness, the same humor. The same dysfunctional families too. Both have witnessed the wreckage of their respective parents’ marriage. The Wales war on one side, the York deceptions on the other.

They both witnessed, helplessly, the great unpacking of their parents’ very private lives, plastered on the front pages of the tabloids. The picture of Sarah Ferguson having her toes licked by her financial advisor dates from 1992, Eugenie was 4 years old… A golden childhood surely, a dented childhood without any doubt. For the Duke of Sussex, Eugenie is a bit like the sister he never had. She always lends him an attentive ear, has a reputation for giving excellent advice and being “surprisingly wise” for her young age, according to Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, authors of Meghan and Harry, libres (Seuil). The youngest princess of the United Kingdom knows Harry’s love stories. It is she who would have been informed first of the beginning of his romance with Meghan. She also saw in the young actress the “remedy” essential to the happiness of the young man.


Their turbulent adolescence

And their friendship has crossed the years. Teenagers, they did the four hundred blows, they found themselves in London. “They spent evenings together, slipped into nightclubs through the back door as in Mahiki, once run by Jack (now Eugenie’s husband) or Tonteria where in the VIP cellar, they downed shots in Mexican glasses shaped like skulls or a giant margarita frozen with several straws,” recount the biographers. Their friendship even “contaminated” their couples. On October 29, 2017, the quartet had gone to a costume party in Toronto incognito.

And it was at the wedding of Princess Eugenie in Windsor, October 12, 2018, that the Sussexes announced the arrival of their first child, stealing the spotlight from the newlyweds in the process … Only shadow to this irreducible friendship. Today more than ever, Harry knows he can count on the support of his dear cousin. This last one lodges from now on, against a rent – the friendship has its limits -, in Frogmore House, the English residence of Sussex. It is therefore with her that the prince has made his “quarantine” before the funeral of their grandfather, Prince Philip, April 17, 2021.

ALPHA AGENCY / BESTIMAGEHarry and his cousins Eugenie and Beatrice


Eugenie of York, attentive ear of Prince Harry

On neutral ground. “The cousins know our family so they understand where the conflicts come from. So they can offer an attentive and informed ear without bias. This creates a common core on which beautiful relationships can be built,” says Nancy Bihari Andersson. And Princess Eugenie is not only supportive of her favorite cousin, she is also very attentive to Meghan. She did not omit to wish her a happy birthday for her 40th birthday on August 4. The two women who knew each other before the romance of the prince and the American, share the joys of motherhood. August, the son of the Princess of York, and Lilibet, the second child of the Sussexes, have only four months difference … The missing link for a return to calm on both sides of the Atlantic is her. Maybe she is…


Eugenie of York and her husband: The new Fab Four?

That was the nickname given to the quartet that the Sussexes and the Cambridges formed together. But that was before. Today, another team seems to be formed with the Sussex and… the Brooksbanks. Witnesses and guardians of the budding romance between Harry and Meghan, whom they dated at the time, Eugenie and Jack (below) now live with their little august at Frogmore Cottage, the house on the Windsor estate renovated by Harry and Meghan before they left for America. An outpost… in an enemy environment.

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