Prince Charlene of Monaco, reassuring state – Express return to Roc Agel, a helicopter dispatched by Prince Albert

After a brief visit to Bern for a routine visit to her private clinic in Switzerland, Charlene of Monaco, who is reportedly better, would be back on the Rock aboard a helicopter.

As reported by “BILD”, the wife of Prince Albert of Monaco was spotted once again the airport of Nice, where she would have taken a helicopter to Monaco. But the first lady would not return home, preferring once again to take refuge in Roc Agel, the country estate of Grimaldi.

“Of course, this gives substance to the rumors of separation with which the royal couple has been dealing for many months,” said Elke Habekost, royal expert and editor of the German magazine AdelPost.
“The fact that Charlene is not currently living at the palace speaks volumes, even though she and Albert always publicly emphasize how great their love for each other is.

If Prince Charlene of Monaco remains on the Rock would be only for her twins, Gabriella, whom she could not leave more, after having let go despite herself because of her isolation in South Africa due to illness.

Already in December, as underlined by France Dimanche, Charlène de Monaco had intrigued by her message on the occasion of the end of year celebrations.

“I wish everyone a beautiful and safe holiday season, with all my love” in the caption of a drawing of her with Albert and their two children.
“A very impersonal message that probably says a lot today about the physical (and moral?) distance that separates her from her husband and the Monegasque people.

Photos credits: Bestimage



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