Princess Charlene of Monaco : fattening diet, sport… the details of her care revealed

Charlene of Monaco would follow a very precise protocol to get back on her feet quickly, as revealed by the media Bild this Monday 28 March.

After having experienced many health concerns, Charlene of Monaco made her comeback in the principality on March 12. Very discreet since then and even almost invisible, she is resting at Roc Agel, the Grimaldi’s property. On March 22, the program Royal Talk, broadcast by the German channel RTL, revealed that the wife of Prince Albert would have been seen on the tarmac of Nice airport. The purpose of this trip? To go to Switzerland for a medical appointment. In its columns, the site of Bild has made details this Monday, March 28 and mentioned the very strict protocol that would follow the princess.

According to their information, she would be “in a state of deep general fatigue” but also “dangerously thinned” since her return from South Africa. However, this program would have allowed him to “regain weight thanks to a diet developed by a great chef,” we read at first. It is then indicated that, in the morning, she would work on “her physical and mental condition, with sessions of yoga and swimming in a pool with overflows”. A very busy program, which would be beneficial for Charlene of Monaco.

This trip has not been confirmed since it is only based on rumors that a woman whose figure and profile are similar to those of Charlene of Monaco was spotted at the airport in Nice. As a reminder, upon his return to Monaco a few months ago, it was Prince Albert II who shared a statement in which he gave news of his wife. He had first “welcomed her return to the principality to continue her convalescence” but had then stated that she would still “need calm and rest”. He had also said that, following her return from her humanitarian trip, Charlene of Monaco had encountered some difficulties. “She realized that she needed help. She had already made her decision, and we just wanted her to confirm it in front of us,” he said before adding that his wife was “treated in an institution outside Monaco. Will this adapted program allow the princess to get back on her feet quickly?

Can Charlene of Monaco count on her family during these appointments?

For several months, Charlene of Monaco, victim of an ENT infection, was forced to stay in South Africa. A very complicated stage for her since she was far from her husband and her children. If the princess is in Switzerland to take care of her health, no doubt she can not wait to return to the palace. Still according to the information of Bild, she could count on the presence of Albert II of Monaco and Jacques and Gabriella during certain consultations. A very important support for the princess, who takes care of her and her health every day.

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  1. Get well soon princess. You have a lot to handle . YOU are the WIFE and please get better and try to ignore the piece of trash stewardess who doesn’t get it that Albert is married and all she ever was, was the mistress along with her illegitimate son. If the family prefers her then you should leave. You have so many accomplishments and deserve piece and quiet in your life. Albert, please get rid of the awful stewardess and concentrate on Charlene who is way more than the interloper. Think of the dear twins mother first and foremost. She shouldn’t have to deal with the likes of a low class strewardess.

  2. Yes Charlene needs the upmost attention beautiful woman and Mother Albert should wake up and put her first with the twins before anything else. She has many accomplishments and many more to perform in life.


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