Princess Charlene of Monaco, the secrets of her recovery, special diet of a great chef

The complete recovery “is no longer a mirage for”, Charlene of Monaco, who would have much better, after long months of fighting the disease, in South Africa and then in Switzerland.

This welcome news is relayed by the magazine Public, which is based on a revelation of several German media including the magazine Bunte.

The mother of Jacques and Gabriella, who was admitted last November in a specialized clinic that would be located in Montreux in Switzerland, would follow “a precise protocol to achieve this without burning the steps.

It is said that the wife of Prince Albert of Monaco, spotted a few days ago at Nice airport as she was about to take a private jet, would have regained weight thanks to a diet developed by a great chef. “She would work daily on her physical and mental condition with, among other things, yoga and swimming sessions,” adds the publication.

On Royal Talk, a program broadcast on the German channel RTL, it was recalled that Charlene of Monaco “would have returned to Switzerland on Tuesday, March 22, to undergo a complete check-up.”

Prince Albert of Monaco – acute psychological crisis, revelation about Charlene’s illness

Albert of Monaco would hide the true nature of the illness of Charlene, the loving wife of his twins, Gabriella and Jacques.

It has been several weeks that those who know Charlene of Monaco, intimate sources, have spoken out to reveal some of the darker side of her personality. The Palace, in particular, Prince Albert of Monaco, continues on its side to keep silent. The vagueness surrounds her recent hospitalization. Officially, she is treated for moral and physical exhaustion.

Charlene of Monaco is portrayed as a woman much more “iconoclastic” than we thought, “who categorically refuses to follow in the footsteps of Grace Kelly, or Kate Middleton,” reports People Story magazine, based on a revelation from the New York Post.

For Joel Stratte-McClure, a specialist who spoke to the New York Times, Grace Kelly also lived a “terrible period during the first years of her marriage, comparable to what Charlene is going through today.

Comments highlighted by a close to the princely family of Monaco. “Charlene has always had either an air of total detachment from what people think of her, or a mask of suffering that nothing could illuminate. She was always hard to pin down, indecipherable,” he says. She was not a trophy wife, as one often sees in Monaco. She was not a schemer either.
A German magazine says that her supposedly complex personality is linked to her premature birth.

The confidences of Michael Wittstock, the father of the princess, who fed the fragility of his illustrious daughter, born prematurely at 7 months.
His daughter had suffered “complications, including respiratory distress syndrome”, as well as retinopathy, an abnormal growth of blood vessels in the eye”.

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