Princess Charlene of Monaco worries Prince Albert, worried face at Westminster Abbey, photo that says it all

The current state of Charlene of Monaco, who is dealing with a moral and physical problem, seems to worry Prince Albert of Monaco, who appeared without his beloved at a major event.

The sovereign prince of Monaco was part of the 1800 people present at the tribute to Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth, a religious service that took place at Westminster Abbey in London.
Prince Albert was alone among the royal couple at Westminster Abbey in London, as recalled by the German media VIP, which highlighted his sad face.

“Prince Albert didn’t really look happy alone among all the other royal couples when he arrived at Westminster Abbey in London. Or perhaps he just wanted to put on a particularly serious face, befitting this rather sad occasion, as he faced the cameras at the entrance to the abbey,” the media outlet explains.


He would have been bothered to appear solo at this event, and no doubt he would have appreciated being accompanied by Charlene of Monaco.
His condition does not allow it.

“As soon as her health allows, the Princess will be happy to share again privileged moments of conviviality with the Monegasque people, who missed him so much,” announced the Princely Palace.

Prince Albert of Monaco – acute psychological crisis, revelation about Charlene’s illness

Albert of Monaco would hide the true nature of the illness of Charlene, the loving wife of his twins, Gabriella and Jacques.

It has been several weeks that those who know Charlene of Monaco, intimate sources, have spoken out to reveal some of the darker side of her personality. The Palace, in particular, Prince Albert of Monaco, continues on its side to keep silent. The vagueness surrounds her recent hospitalization. Officially, she is treated for moral and physical exhaustion.

Charlene of Monaco is portrayed as a woman much more “iconoclastic” than we thought, “who categorically refuses to follow in the footsteps of Grace Kelly, or Kate Middleton,” reports People Story magazine, based on a revelation from the New York Post.

For Joel Stratte-McClure, a specialist who spoke to the New York Times, Grace Kelly also lived a “terrible period during the first years of her marriage, comparable to what Charlene is going through today.

Comments highlighted by a close to the princely family of Monaco. “Charlene has always had either an air of total detachment from what people think of her, or a mask of suffering that nothing could illuminate. She was always hard to pin down, indecipherable,” he says. She was not a trophy wife, as one often sees in Monaco. She was not a schemer either.
A German magazine says that her supposedly complex personality is linked to her premature birth.

The confidences of Michael Wittstock, the father of the princess, who fed the fragility of his illustrious daughter, born prematurely at 7 months.
His daughter had suffered “complications, including respiratory distress syndrome”, as well as retinopathy, an abnormal growth of blood vessels in the eye”.



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