Jazmin Grace Grimaldi actress: The first movie with the daughter of Prince Albert of Monaco is released 

If Jazmin Grace Grimaldi appears in a small role in the film Renaissance, available on VOD since March 17, she shines by her freshness. At thirty years old, the hidden ex-daughter of Prince Albert of Monaco takes off.

Since she dreams of becoming an actress, in addition to her singing talents, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, who just turned 30 on March 4, willingly and humbly submits to the difficult exercise of casting.

In 2021, she admitted she was excited about a project for which she was trying out, having joined the American talent agency, APA Agency. It seemed to be a film called Chelsea Cowboy, a biopic with Alex Pettyfer and Poppy Delevingne involving Angie Bowie the first wife of David Bowie.

But currently, the one who was born of an affair out of wedlock between the prince and the American Tamara Jean Rotolo, and was officially recognized by his father only in 2006, appears on the platform Queerscreen. She plays the best friend of the main character in Matthew Fifer and Kieran Mulcare’s beautiful film about love and trauma called Renaissance. And her fresh interpretation consists in pushing the hero to assume his feelings.

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Where can we see the first movie with Jazmin Grace Grimaldi?

Available on DVD and VOD exclusively on the platform, given the pandemic, this sensitive film that received three jury awards in festivals in Oslo, Montreal and New York could launch the career of Grace Kelly’s granddaughter who, until now, had only really appeared in the series The Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

In digital detox since early March Jazmin Grace Grimaldi does not promote this feature film on social networks, but it sets the tone of its modernity by associating it with the LGBT community and the problem of sexual abuse.

Jeremy Truong


It was while watching the film High Society (released in 1956) with Frank Sinatra and his grandmother that Jazmin had confessed to having an epiphany about her desire to act as she confided in an interview with Harper’s Bazar magazine in July 2015.

While children out of wedlock are not in the order of succession to the Monegasque throne, they are nonetheless heirs. Like her brother also born out of wedlock Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste, to whom she is very close, the young woman is the putative heir to the Monegasque prince’s personal fortune estimated at more than $1 billion. This does not prevent her from pursuing professional ambitions that her successful performance in the film Renaissance could encourage.

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