Prince Albert of Monaco angry in the face of scandal: 4 questions to understand the Dossiers du Rocher

For several months, a campaign of denunciation and harassment on a very large scale has been worrying the Monegasques. Here are four points to understand this complex file that causes the anger of Albert of Monaco.

Although known for its remarkable discretion, the Principality of Monaco has been torn apart for some time by a sinister war of denunciations highly publicized. True or false, the accusations involve the highest levels of Monegasque society, but the affair is beginning to look like a settlement of accounts between rival gangs. What’s at the heart of the matter? Ultra-lucrative real estate operations.

The case began last September when an anonymous video posted on social networks charged a first member of Prince Albert’s entourage. In the weeks that followed, the story gained momentum with the creation of multiple websites, the appearance of fake journalists and even a campaign of harassment by text message on the inhabitants of the Rock.

If the Monegasques are agitated among themselves, the ongoing debacle escapes the attention of the international press until March 21, 2022, when the daily newspaper “Le Monde”, alerted by an anonymous source, publishes a long investigation signed by Gerard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme on the subject. From now on, all eyes are riveted on the principality. Explanations.

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