Prince Albert of Monaco – His twins “integrated” into Princess Charlene’s healing process

Prince Albert of Monaco is bringing Charlene of Monaco closer to her twins, Gabriella and Jacques, who are said to be integrated into the healing process.

Details were given about the treatment of the Monegasque first lady by the magazine Public, which is based on a revelation of “Bild”.

The German magazine, which published a photo of the princess at Nice airport preparing to fly to Montreux, where she would have undergone a check-up, claims that Charlene of Monaco is being taken care of by a therapeutic team, “with individual but also family sessions”.

Her adorable Jacques and Gabriella, aged 7, would be “part of the process”, in order to “recreate the link with their mother and to erase possible resentments”.

The heirs of the Monegasque throne would have had the impression of having been dropped by their mother, Charlene of Monaco, absent for many months because of her health problems.
For the wife of Prince Albert in any case, “nothing is more important than them, and this is the primary meaning of his desire for recovery.


Charlene of Monaco, luxury treatment at Roc Agel, home chef, yoga,

At Roc Angel, the farm of the princely family, where she would be entrenched since his great return to the Rock, Charlene of Monaco would follow a treatment at the request of Prince Albert of Monaco, determined that his dear and tender recover as soon as possible.

“Nothing is indeed neither too beautiful nor too expensive,” reports Public magazine, which takes up an information of the magazine Bild in the columns of its edition of last 1.

For the mother of Jacques and Gabriella, whom she is finally allowed to see again, the meal trays of the specialized clinic where she was treated, it is finished.
“Dangerously slimmed down”, Charlene of Monaco, who changed once again her look, would be “fed at home by a great chef” whose identity is not specified.

Every day, in order to get back on track as quickly as possible, she would be entitled to high-calorie dishes. The objective is a rapid weight reduction.
She would also be entitled to a program for her mental health.
“In the morning, it’s yoga in the sun with a special teacher, to welcome serenity in her heart … And then the former champion swimmer will undoubtedly find joy in the pool sessions.

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