H.S.H Princess Caroline of Monaco: Isabelle Junot, the daughter of her ex-husband, married Álvaro Falcó

Philippe Junot, the ex-husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco, attended the wedding of his daughter this Saturday, April 2. Isabelle Junot became Marquise of Cubas by marrying Álvaro Falcó, in a ceremony celebrated in the palace of the Marquis of Mirabel, in Plasencia, Spain.

It was the most anticipated social event since the beginning of the year in Spain. The new Marquis of Cubas, Álvaro Falcó, got married this Saturday, April 2, to Isabelle Junot. Isabelle is one of the daughters of Philippe Junot, the French businessman and former husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco, daughter of Prince Rainier III.

The newlyweds said “I do” this Saturday, April 2, at the Palace of the Marquises of Mirabel, the most important civil monument of Plasencia, private property of the Falcó family. The ceremony took place at 1 pm in the square of San Nicolás and was attended by 25 guests, including many celebrities of the Spanish jet set.


Serial weddings

Philippe Junot, son of a French MP and a mother from a family of Danish industrialists, married Princess Caroline of Monaco, civilly and religiously, in 1978. The divorce was pronounced in 1980. And it was not until 1992 that the religious marriage was annulled by the Vatican.
Thereafter, Philippe Juniot married Nina Wendelboe-Larsen in 1988. They had three children, Victoria, Isabelle and Alexis. This marriage also ended in divorce. Philippe Junot became a father again in 2005, at the age of 65, with a little Chloé, born from his relationship with the model Helén Wendel.

Photo credits: Europa Press / Bestimage



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