Prince Albert of Monaco spares Princess Charlene at Roc Agel his plan to save his marriage

To save his marriage with Charlene of Monaco, isolated in Roc Angel on the heights of the Rock, Prince Albert of Monaco would be ready to some sacrifices. The first lady would be spared.

A German magazine, “Adel Aktuell” is interested in the mother of Gabriella and Jacques, recalling that it is in South Africa, in the middle of nature, that the princess feels better.

“It is in these moments that Charlene really feels in tune with who she is,” said a source close to the wife of Prince Albert, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

She loves nature, and since the beginning of her story with the sovereign prince of the Rock, she has never been “a woman of salon!
If she has distanced herself from the Palace, it is not only because of her health problems, including an ENT condition, but also an opportunity to breathe.

Charlene of Monaco needs to have moments to herself, and protocol “has never been her cup of tea.

Once she would be back on her feet, and she would be on the right track, Prince Albert of Monaco could arrange his schedule. Her future public outings would be counted on the fingers of one hand. She would be entrenched in Roc Agel, where she would feel comfortable.
“Charlene, always a little more free, always a little more away from Albert,” commented the publication.

According to the magazine Bunte this time, the former swimmer would get better and better and would have already regained weight thanks to a diet developed by a great chef. Prince Albert’s wife is said to be working “daily on her physical and mental condition, including yoga and swimming sessions.

Charlene of Monaco to appear on April 17

Discreet for months, and while rumors claiming her disfigured by surgery, Charlene of Monaco is supposed to plan an “outing”, a photo with the whole of her clan on the occasion of the Easter holidays, as last year.

Many fans of the Monegasque princely family are wondering about the absence of the former swimmer on the rock. Indeed, there is reason to wonder because the last time the mother of James and Gabriella made a public appearance was on January 27, 2021, when she attended the ceremony of St. Devote with her husband.

And a few months later, she posted a photo for Easter next to her family. A picture that would have been taken in their farm refuge of Roc Agel located on the heights of Monaco, although it is not certain that the photo was taken that day.

Some claim that the photo in question could have been taken much earlier, in South Africa, as reported by the magazine Reines et Rois.
And since then, no photo of her has been released by the Palace, which gives substance to this rumor of plastic surgery, yet denied by Prince Albert of Monaco.

On April 17, on the occasion of Easter, a new photo could be released.
As for the alleged failed surgery, this track has been swept aside by Prince Albert of Monaco in Paris Match.

“There was no cosmetic surgery, it was only dental, septum and sinus problems…I don’t want to betray medical secrecy, but only the ENT sphere was concerned,” he said in Paris Match. As this does not satisfy the media, each one went there of its small theory and its small comment”.

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