Prince Albert of Monaco: This corbel who wants to bring down his relatives one by one

The corbel accuses Prince Albert II of Monaco of fraud and nepotism. The Dossiers du Rocher, published since September 2021, denounce the actions of four of the prince’s relatives.

Since September 2021, Prince Albert of Monaco has had to answer to accusations of swindling, corruption and cronyism. The corbel who is behind the anonymous sites and YouTube accounts disclosing the contents of “The Rock Files” especially wants to bring down 4 close to the Monegasque sovereign. “The four main targets of the Dossiers du Rocher are Didier Linotte, Claude Palmero, Laurent Anselmi and Thierry Lacoste,” says Histoires Royales. They are respectively, the president of the Supreme Court of Monaco, the accountant administrator of the private bank accounts of Prince Albert II of Monaco, his chief of staff and his lawyer and childhood friend. Prince Albert II is accused of being too naive and of turning a blind eye to the actions of the members of the “Club of 4”.

Dossiers du Rocher highlights the favoritism of the “G4”, the four friends of Prince Albert II, in real estate transactions. The Dossiers du Rocher denounce, among other things, offshore accounts, calls for tenders favoring the Prince’s relatives and political reshuffles. The “Les Dossiers du Rocher” case has been the subject of an investigation lasting several months. Two investigative journalists from Le Monde conducted the investigation after receiving the documents related to this case. “In February 2021, the investigative journalists Gérard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme, working for Le Monde, received a heavy backpack abandoned under a table, filled with kilos of documents. It is about the documents used to feed the anonymous sites”, says Histoires Royales.

The corbel would be a billionaire real estate developer of the Rock

Patrice Pastor, the most important real estate promoter of the rock would be the corbel behind Les Dossiers du Rocher. Several complaints have been filed against the anonymous sites of the corbel disclosing the various documents stolen from the file. However, it is estimated that several million euros have been invested to make these sites anonymous. “The company is therefore led by a person who also has the means,” according to Histoires Royales. Note that the sites are hosted in the four corners of the world, registered in the name of shell companies and use protected IP addresses.

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