Princess Charlene of Monaco ultra weakened, worrying plot to destabilize Prince Albert

The fragility of Charlene of Monaco, in the grips of a moral and physical exhaustion, would be used against the prince Albert, targeted by a plot. The sovereign prince of the Rock would be furious.

The Monegasque first lady made her comeback on the Rock, after being treated in Switzerland for moral and physical exhaustion, a depressive state that would be consecutive to her treatment for an infection in the ENT area. This illness would be related to her past as a swimmer.

And according to Corriere del sera, her health problems would be used to destabilize Prince Albert, targeted by a strange plot.

It refers to this extensive investigation by Gerard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme published in Le Monde, and giving details on “Dossiers du Rocher”, an anonymous site targeting people close to the sovereign. Point de Vue also came back on this affair, a campaign of destabilization, against the background of a real estate scandal.
Prince Albert of Monaco condemned “this anonymous and defamatory campaign of false rumors and slander that targets several servants of the Principality.
“It is obvious that through these personalities, it is the State of Monaco and its institutions that are being attacked.
The rumors related to Charlene of Monaco are linked to this network.

Princess Charlene de Monaco – Back in the snake pit, terrifying dispute at the Palace

After four months of isolation abroad, perhaps in Switzerland, where she was treated for moral and physical exhaustion, Charlene of Monaco would be back in the “snake pit”.

After four months, Swiss doctors finally gave her the green light: the wife of Prince Albert of Monaco was allowed to return home to Monaco. “But does she really want to? Because the Monegasque court is like a pit of snakes. How long will the still weakened princess be able to endure this?”, asks the German edition of the magazine “In Touch”.

If the former swimmer is delighted to find her twins, Gabriella and Gabriella, on the other hand, the proximity of the ex of Prince Albert, Nicole Coste, would enrage it. Arguments in perspective.

“The people of Monaco love me more than Charlene,” she had launched while the princess was at the bottom of the bucket.

And the people magazine, the mother of Alexander, the eldest son of Prince Albert, does not hide his intentions, to recover the place of Charlene on the Rock.
It is also claimed that Charlene of Monaco would not get along with her sisters-in-law, especially Princess Caroline.

In Touch also evokes the malaise of the princess, already highlighted by Ici Paris.
“Charlene may be 43 years old, but could we not read this way of “modifying” her image as the mark of a tangible malaise? Of a certain suffering that would push her to move away from the Rock, even at the terrible price of depriving herself of her children,” the publication asks.



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