Who is Isabelle Junot, the daughter of H.S.H Princess Caroline ex-husband, who just got married?

Saturday, April 2, Isabelle Junot, daughter of the ex-husband of Caroline of Monaco, married Alvaro Falco, only son of the Marquis of Cubas. Gala.fr tells you more about this young woman of 29 years who already has a great resume.

It is official. Saturday, April 2, Isabelle Junot married her partner Alvaro Falco, at the palace of the Marquis of Mirabel, in Plasencia (Spain). A very symbolic place since it is the family home of the young husband, which has notably housed the marriage of his parents. Interviewed by the media Hola! in November, Isabelle Junot was enthusiastic about this beautiful estate: “It’s a beautiful place that has a lot of meaning for us. The palace is beautiful, the courtyard is incredible and the whole interior is… spectacular.”


As a reminder, the 29-year-old is the daughter of Philippe Junot, the first husband of Caroline of Monaco. In 1978, they had married, before separating two years later. The sister of Stephanie of Monaco requested (and obtained) the recognition of nullity of the religious marriage in the early 90s, when Isabelle was born. Isabelle Junot, whose mother is Nina Larsen, has been sharing the life of Álvaro Falcó, only son of the Marquis of Cubas, for more than two years. This bubbly brunette, born in New York, who has over 23,000 followers on Instagram grew up in Spain and studied theater arts in Switzerland. She even went on to study theater and film at the University of Virginia. Only, it’s not at all in this field that she is currently evolving. In fact, she created her structure to help women stop dieting by becoming a culinary coach. “Make peace with food and body,” she notes on Instagram. Very popular in Spain, she is often invited to grandiose parties.

A highly anticipated wedding

In Spain, the announcement of her marriage to Alvaro Falco has made a lot of noise. As reported by our colleagues of Royal Stories, this Sunday, April 3, the union of the young woman with the fourth marquis of Cuba was clearly “the most anticipated social event since the beginning of the year in Spain.”

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