Prince Albert of Monaco hides Princess Charlene in punk mode, revelation on his hidden message

Prince Albert would be reluctant to the idea that Charlene of Monaco, the mother of his twins, shows herself in the open. During her hospitalization in Switzerland, she would have once again adopted the punk cut to convey a hidden message.

The German media RTL has indeed unveiled a video of the first lady as she was about to take a flight to Bern, the Swiss capital, for a complete checkup. Her condition is said to be much improved.

For the occasion, the wife of Prince Albert appeared with short platinum blonde hair bleached. And her approach is described by the German media as punk attitude.

Last year, before flying to South Africa, where she was finally stuck for eight months because of an infection, she had adopted a similar cut.
This had made “Daily Mail” react, in its Femail section, which sought the advice of a psychologist. This cut of Charlene of Monaco would have a hidden meaning.
“Experts suggest that her bold new hairstyle could be a way for Charlene to silently communicate her emotions to the public, signaling that she feels liberated and has literally erased the restrictions of the princely family of Monaco,” it says.


“This shows that the princess is no longer waiting for permission. She no longer pays attention to what people think,” she said.

This “half hawk” mixing short square and shaved hair on one side is inspired by a tribe of American Indians. It would mark, for Charlene of Monaco, a kind of liberation from protocol and obligations that it can lead. A way to taunt the father of her children?

“A haircut like this shows that you’re not afraid to be different. She looks, in these photos, to be having a lot of fun, she shows no signs of distress in her facial expressions. Therefore, I guess she is living her best life and doesn’t care what people think.”



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