Princess Charlene of Monaco alone and abandoned – The confession of her father Michael Wittstock

If Charlene of Monaco has badly lived the distance of her twins, Gabriella and Jacques, during her stay in the hospital, the absence of her parents was also deplored. She would have had the impression to be abandoned.

The wife of Prince Albert, whose condition would have improved significantly thanks to a luxury treatment, would have felt terribly alone and isolated, recalled a German magazine, Woche Der Frau.

In addition to her children and her husband, she would have missed two other people terribly. These are her parents, Michael and Lynette Wittstock, who did not visit her in hospital and during her stay of several months in South Africa. However, visits were not forbidden. A Russian billionaire, very close to Prince Albert of Monaco, would have visited him several times.

Michael Wittstock recognized it in the columns of the South African magazine You. He talks about the health crisis.

At our age, we must be very careful,” he said, arguing the fear of catching Covid, a virus that could have been fatal because of its fragility. I didn’t want to infect her either because she had undergone so many medical procedures and she was vulnerable”.

In any case, this former boxer is convinced that his daughter will eventually come out of this terrible ordeal.

Charlene of Monaco has a mind of steel thanks to her past as a swimmer.
“She used to swim 20 kilometers a day. Knowing the way she trained, I know she’s tough and she’ll get through it,” he said.



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