Princess Charlene, Caroline of Monaco: Why the women of the Monegasque family sometimes wear mantillas

In Monaco, the princesses of the principality, Charlene, Caroline and even Stephanie, are used to wearing this light black veil at funerals.

The mantilla. This term may not mean anything to you, but you have all seen this light veil worn by women of the Monegasque family during a mass. Indeed, on the Rock, this tradition dating from the 16th and 17th centuries has been maintained and it is not uncommon to see Charlene Wittstock, the wife of Prince Albert, or Caroline of Monaco, the sister of the current Monegasque ruler, wearing this veil during religious ceremonies. Most frequently, the mantilla is black and is worn at funerals in the principality.

Until the second half of the 20th century, the mantilla was compulsory for women if they wished to attend a mass. In France, this custom has been lost, but in Spain, for example, it is common to see women wearing this veil when they go to church. In addition, the mantilla is very often worn by women when they have an audience with the Pope. Recently, Melania Trump was seen wearing this veil when she met with Pope Francis. Note that only Catholic queens are allowed to wear the white mantilla. To date, they are four: the Queen of Spain, the Queen of Belgium, the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg and the Princess of Monaco.

The entire Monaco family after the tragic death of Grace Kelly in an accident


Parade of black mantillas at the funeral of Rainier III

In 2005, Prince Rainier, the emblematic Monegasque leader and father of Albert, Caroline and Stephanie, died at the age of 81. A funeral in great pomp is then given on the Rock. For the occasion, the Monegasque princesses, Caroline and Stephanie, had taken out their black mantilla to mourn their late father. Proof that in the principality, this veil is still used when it comes to paying tribute to a loved one.

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