Princess Charlene of Monaco – These explanations required before her return for the Monegasques

To return to the forefront of the scene by ensuring part of its protocol activities with Prince Albert, the father of her children, Charlene of Monaco would have required a public apology from a woman presented as her great rival.

It is Nicole Coste, the mother of Alexandre, the second illegitimate son of Prince Albert.

Details were given by the German version of In Touch on the reasons for the forced absence of the Monegasque first lady for several days.
Beyond the ENT infection that has complicated his daily life for several months, Charlene of Monaco would have also been disappointed with the attitude of the father of her children, and his supposedly complicated relationship with his sister-in-law, Princess Caroline of Monaco.

The social dinners where she would not feel comfortable have also been mentioned as one of the reasons of her uneasiness.

But it would be especially Nicole Coste, who would have from now on its entries to the Palace which would annoy it. She would demand an apology and his removal, the publication believes. It is unlikely that his supposed rival will apologize to him.
This statement was reported by the magazine France Dimanche, which reported their deep enmity.

“The former flight attendant accused Charlene of having done everything to harm Alexander, her son with Albert. Annoyances that do not help the fragile state of the blonde, “recalled the publication, referring to the speech of the ex of Prince Albert in Paris Match or in the Daily Mail.

“More than her couple, whose fate, for many, seems to be already sealed, it is moreover today the subject of Charlene’s health that seems to be the most worrying. And it is not the terrifying rumors that are circulating in Paris and on the Rock, in this regard, that will silence the concerns. Quite the contrary”, he said.

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