H.S.H Princess Caroline of Monaco her touch in the ultra strict education of the twins of the Princess Charlene

Details were delivered on the education that should Gabriella and Jacques, the children that Prince Albert of Monaco had from his relationship with Charlene of Monaco. An old-fashioned education, a bit like the one received by their father, and their aunts, Princesses Caroline and Stephanie of Monaco.

Caroline of Monaco, as reported by Voici magazine, would watch very closely the education she hoped for her nephew and niece.

Charlene of Monaco would have “discovered with horror that Caroline, with whom relations have always been complicated, taking initiatives regarding the education of Jacques and Gabriella,” reported the magazine.


A source confided: “Recently, she requested an appointment after the director of their former school to discuss their socialization … When Charlene learned it, she entered a black anger.

“Histoires Vérités” has for its part specified the education that the heirs to the Monegasque throne are likely to receive. It would be similar to that received by their father and aunts.

“I received an education that, in some respects, was a remnant of the nineteenth century. We didn’t see our parents much, I had an English nanny and a French governess. I was at the boarding school of the Dames de Saint-Maur” she specified in Madame Figaro.

“We could compare this education received, for example, to that of Prince Charles, son of Queen Elizabeth II of England. It should be remembered that at one time, the royal and princely children all enjoyed a particularly strict training, “says the publication.

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