Meghan Markle and Prince Harry : This new plan to move to New York

According to rumors reported by the Dailymail this Friday, April 8, 2022, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would consider renting an apartment in New York City, near the UN headquarters, and for a specific purpose.

Since retiring from Royal duties, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle moved into a lavish €10 million villa in the Montecito neighborhood of Santa Barbara, California, in July 2020. But their luxurious home may not be enough for them … the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would consider renting an apartment on the other side of the country, in New York City, according to what was reported by Dailymail this Friday, April 8, 2022.

Rumors that the couple is looking for a pied-à-terre in the very chic Midtown East neighborhood in Manhattan have indeed reached the ears of the tabloid. If they want to find an apartment in this particular area, it is because it is where the UN headquarters are located. And it turns out that Meghan Markle would have the ambition to get a role of importance for the United Nations, just like her friend Amal Clooney, who worked there as an adviser to former Secretary General Kofi Annan.

For several weeks now, the press has been talking about the possible reconversion into politics of the former Suits actress. If the media first thought at the end of 2021 that she would try to get a seat in the California Senate, it seems that she prefers to tackle a more important organization. Archie and Lilibet’s parents had made a rare public appearance in September 2021, when they visited the UN headquarters. They were photographed with Under-Secretary-General Amina Mohammed and spoke about important issues such as climate, women’s rights, youth mental health and equal access to the covid-19 vaccine.

Keeping her title as duchess or gaining political status: the dilemma of Meghan Markle

If Meghan Markle‘s choice to reorient herself in politics makes sense for our confreres of the Express UK, Harvard professor Mark Tushnet remains doubtful, however, about her chances of success in the field, particularly because the duchess would have to give up all her Royal titles to hope to obtain a place in a congress such as the one in California. “From a political point of view, keeping her title would be detrimental to her,” analyzed the expert. Her opponents will use it against her and say at the slightest opportunity: ‘well, she is not a real American'”.

And even if the 40-year-old mother of the family were to give up her royal title for good, it might not be enough: “Since she was a member of a Royal family, her status and celebrity will always stick to her, whether she has an official title or not,” the professor concluded. This would explain why Meghan Markle chose to turn to the United Nations instead.

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