Princess Charlene of Monaco – Her Twins Gabriella and Jacques trapped in the problems of couple

Retrenched in Roc Agel, and perhaps even in Corsica, according to an Italian media, Charlene of Monaco would have been forced to move away from her twins, Gabriella and Jacques to treat themselves. A drama for them.

The Monegasque first lady made her grand return to the Rock last March, after being treated for moral and physical exhaustion in a clinic abroad, possibly in Switzerland. Charlene of Monaco has never been spotted on the Rock.

“But in Monaco, a new psychodrama is revealed. The bad fears: will the sweet twins get sick too?” asks the German version of In Touch magazine. “This is exactly what worries many Monegasques.

Because science has shown that children of parents with mental disorders are at increased risk of falling prey to these diseases.”
For this magazine, the wife of Prince Albert would suffer from a mental illness, possibly depression.
“The possible consequences: developmental disorders, school failure or behavioral problems.

France Dimanche also reported on the anxiety of Prince Albert of Monaco for his twins.

“Confronted with the absence of his wife, Albert, also upset, has witnessed the distressing spectacle of two suffering children who sink inexorably into sadness and inner chaos,” the publication said.
Jacques Grimaldi would have shown outward signs of instability, pushing away a very aggressive gesture his sister.
“In the eyes of the little boy, one can read an impressive hardness,” said the publication.



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