Princess Charlene of Monaco in Corsica? This secret pact she would have made with Prince Albert

On March 22, Charlene was seen at Nice airport to go to Switzerland. But according to the Corriere della Sera, the wife of Albert II would never have crossed the Alps and would rather have flown to Corsica, an island she is particularly fond of.

But where is Charlene of Monaco? While she was supposed to have taken refuge in Roc Agel since her return to the principality on March 12, the wife of Albert II would have finally decided to cross the Mediterranean to Corsica. As reported by the Italian newspaper Corrierer della Sera, the princess, who was seen on the tarmac at Nice airport, never took off for Switzerland, where she had a medical appointment.

Indeed, the Italian daily explains that Charlene of Monaco would have preferred to take the direction of the Isle of Beauty, under a secret pact concluded with her husband. Thus, while she is still recovering, she would benefit from a freedom of movement, before resuming his commitments. For its part, the royal palace has not reacted to this rumor.

A deep attachment to Corsica

Charlene of Monaco would not have chosen Corsica by chance. Very involved in the prevention of drowning, the former South African swimmer has organized on many occasions awareness campaigns with young children on the beaches of the island. She also spent the summer of 2020 in Corsica to prepare for the Riviera Water Bike Challenge, a marine bike race linking Calvi to the principality, which took place in September of the same year.

Charlene of Monaco is also very attached to the beauty and calm of the Corsican landscapes, and feels a certain nostalgia when she goes there, as she had confided to our confreres of Point of View in the summer of 2020: “Corsica has a lot in common with the country where I grew up. In July 2021, in the columns of Paris Match, Stéphane Bern had also mentioned Charlene’s escapades in “a Corsican house lent by friends” or in Turkey, as soon as her schedule allowed it. While her return to the forefront of the scene is delayed, the princess could reappear alongside Albert II on April 13 in New York. The sovereign will be rewarded for his action in favor of the oceans.

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