H.S.H Princess Stephanie of Monaco soon to be a grandmother? Her son Louis Ducruet makes a revelation

This Wednesday, April 13, in the columns of Point de vue, Louis Ducruet confessed that he wanted to become a father. Good news for his mother, Stephanie of Monaco, who already imagines herself a grandmother.

Will Stephanie of Monaco become a grandmother? That’s what her son, Louis Ducruet let us think in an interview given to the weekly magazine Point de vue. Coupled for ten years now with his wife Marie Chevallier and soon three years of marriage, the grandson of Grace Kelly spoke of his desire to become a father. To the question “Do you want to enlarge the family in the near future?”, the two lovebirds answer successively: “Yes, we think about it of course. The pressure is strong between my paternal grandmother, my mother, Marie’s mother… who regularly ask us the question. I’ve been wanting to be a father for several years now, but Marie wants to wait a little while. 30 would be a good age to make this project a reality”, Louis answers. Marie Chevallier explains that she wants to take her time: “It’s true that Louis has been telling me for several years that he wants to become a father. I’m not quite ready yet. I would like to wait a little, but maybe next year?


Stephanie of Monaco will then have to be patient before welcoming her future grandson or granddaughter. The couple has in any case the same vision of their future: in Monaco with children. When the journalist of Point de vue asks “How do you see yourself in 10 years?” Louis Ducruet answers: “In Monaco, with our children and our dog Pancake. Ideally, I would like to have three or four children […] to have a large family like mine would be a real happiness for me”.

Louis Ducruet and Marie Chevallier, a couple that works

If for the moment the couple still has no children, this does not prevent Louis Ducruet and Marie Chevallier to live a real fairy tale. It is at the Skema Business School, in Sophia-Antipolis that everything started. At the beginning of the school year, Marie Chevallier crossed paths with the man of her dreams. The two of them then flew to the United States, where they stayed for two years to study. The two lovebirds finally came to the Rock, where they lived for a while with Stephanie of Monaco, the mother of Louis Ducruet. “We lived with his mom for six months, until October 2015, when we moved into our own apartment,” the young woman explained to Point de Vue last 2020. Since then, the couple lives a peaceful life and love each other as on the first day.

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