Prince Albert of Monaco’s aborted reunion with Princess Charlene of monaco at Easter, a damn virus involved

A huge regret for Prince Albert of Monaco, who will not be able to celebrate Easter on April 17 with Charlene of Monaco, their twins! A damned virus in cause!

Prince Albert, weakened in the past by a pneumonia, has again tested positive to Covid-19, announced today the Palace in a statement,
The father of four children, including Gabrielle and Jacques, born from his marriage to Charlene of Monaco, is asymptomatic and his health is not worrying.

While waiting to recover, he works at a distance and is in permanent contact with the members of his cabinet, the government and his closest advisors. A period of isolation will be observed in accordance with current health regulations.

Because of the virus, he will not be able to see his wife and their adorable twins during the Easter holidays.

Prince Albert was expected at the Cipriani in New York to attend the 23rd Stars of Stony Brook gala, where he is known for his commitment and dedication to ocean conservation and sustainability.
Charlene of Monaco is said to have taken refuge at Roc Agel, the Grimaldis’ agricultural estate in the Principality. A rumor spread by the Italian press claims she is entrenched in Corsica, a rumor that has not been commented by the Palace.

We wish her a speedy recovery!

Charlene of Monaco, shared custody of twins, her SOS to Albert

Before her forced isolation because of the disease, perhaps related to the consequences of an ENT infection, Charlene of Monaco had the opportunity to launch an SOS to her husband, Prince Albert, rarely present at her side. She was alone to take care of the twins, Gabriella and Jacques.

Ici Paris recalled this episode, relaying the confidences delivered by the princess of the Rock in the columns of Point de Vue, where it was about her daily life with her adorable children.

She explained that she had freed up as much space as possible in her schedule for them.
“It’s an incredible age where they are always asking for you,” she said, confirming that she can control her schedule.

“In the morning, their daddy takes them to school. When they come home, my own work begins, and it goes on until the next day. The evenings are usually hectic. When I am alone with them, the children bicker about who will sleep with mom … “, added the princess.

Charlene of Monaco, who would have regained weight thanks to the diet concocted by a fat chef, seemed to have difficulty holding all these roles. “A mother present, protective, a mother of the field. It’s often exhausting,” said the former swimmer. It was like an SOS that Prince Albert would not have heard.
During this interview, she also admitted to sleeping with Gabriella and Jacques, and for good reason!

Prince Albert of Monaco was often absent.

“Further on, perhaps realizing again that her last words showed a burden resting largely on his shoulders, a couple only crossing and sharing parenting tasks, she added as if to minimize: “The prince has a lot of work,” commented the publication, for which there is no doubt, they were only crossing.

“Today, the princess and her prince only appear together for the Principality’s unmissable events and on rare occasions”.

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