Prince Albert of Monaco, an exile to protect his love Princess Charlene of Monaco

If Albert of Monaco has allowed his wife, Charlene of Monaco to find refuge in Corsica, it may be to protect her from snakes in Monaco. The name of the princess has been linked to a sex scandal, while she is still not recovered.

According to Corriere della Sera, taken over by Closer, the mother of Jacques and Gabriella would not be in Bern in Switzerland, as reported by Bild, but in Corsica exile. The island of beauty reminds her of South Africa, her country of origin as she confided in Point de Vue.
It would be the result of an agreement with Prince Albert of Monaco, which would allow her a great freedom of movement before returning to her commitments and her family.

But it would also be a way to protect her from controversies such as the one revealed by Public magazine, which mentioned last March a pedophilia scandal involving a chaplain in a college, “made available to the foundation” of the princess in 2015.
This man is William McCandless would be wanted by the U.S. justice for pedophile acts on young children aged 18 months to 12 years.

In an investigation in the very serious Philadelphia Inquirer, he was described a few years ago as “one of the closest friends of the princess”.
He even went to the bedside of Charlene of Monaco when she gave birth to her twins, Gabriella and Jacques.

Contacted by the magazine Public, Mr. Lacoste, the lawyer of the Monegasque first lady, said “not to make any comment, as the Attorney General of Monaco, who conducted the search.
“In any case, this case comes at the worst time for Charlene. While she is trying to rebuild herself, still fragile, this horrible past comes to the surface. As if, on this Rock, the princesses were struck by an eternal curse.

Charlene of Monaco exiled in Corsica, pact concluded with Albert of Monaco

If Charlene of Monaco took the decision to take refuge in Corsica, where she would be entrenched for several weeks, it would be following a pact concluded with her husband, Prince Albert of Monaco.

“New twist in the case that agitates the Monegasque principality for more than a year,” reports the magazine Closer this April 15, with the front page Ophelia Winter in full difficulties, and supposed to have been asked in the 90s’ in marriage by the Monegasque sovereign.

It was last March that the mother of Gabriella and Jacques made her big return on the Rock after a few months of absence because of illness. She was treated for moral and physical exhaustion abroad, perhaps in Switzerland.
And a few weeks later, she was spotted very thin and in platinum blonde on the tarmac of Nice airport, supposedly “to go to Switzerland, Bern, to honor a medical appointment.

In reality, it would be nothing of the sort! According to the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, Charlene of Monaco would never have joined our Swiss neighbors, and “would have finally headed for Corsica”, recalls the magazine Closer, before mentioning an agreement between the princess and the man of her life.
“This exile, the fruit of a pact concluded with her husband Albert II, would allow her great freedom of movement before returning to her commitments … and her family. This would be her way of protecting her.

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