Prince Albert II of Monaco ill, Princess Charlene of monaco invisible: Who is looking after the twins Jacques and Gabriella?

Who is currently looking after Jacques and Gabriella? While Albert of Monaco is in isolation after catching Covid-19, and Princess Charlene already seems to be no longer present on the Rock, it seems that the twins can not count on their parents.

The Palace of Monaco announced on Wednesday April 13 in a statement, Prince Albert has tested positive for Covid-19 for the second time. Placed in quarantine despite the absence of visible symptoms, “he works at a distance, in permanent liaison with the members of his cabinet, his government and his close collaborators. This period of isolation will adapt to the health rules in force,” it read. If the press release wants to be precise about the state of health of Grace Kelly’s son, nothing is mentioned about his wife, Princess Charlene, or his two twins, Jacques and Gabriella.

The thorny question is: who is taking care of them? While their father is in isolation, their mother, supposedly a refugee in Corsica, does not seem to be able to be present at their bedside either. Nor at that of her sick husband, for that matter. When the son of Prince Rainier had caught Covid for the first time, in March 2020, and had been placed in quarantine, Jacques and Gabriella had withdrawn to the family property of Roc Agel, located in the hinterland of the Principality, with Princess Charlene.

When the latter was away from the Rock for a long time, first for her retirement in South Africa and then for her convalescence in a rest center in Switzerland, the two little ones had spent a lot of time with their aunts Caroline and Stephanie. It is therefore very likely that the twins, in the absence of their parents, are again taken care of by the princely family.

But where is Charlene of Monaco?

Although she is back in Monaco since March 12, Princess Charlene is almost invisible. As soon as she arrived on the Rock, she packed her bags and headed to Roc Agel to continue her convalescence in a quiet place, far from the pressure of protocol. But she did not stay long. Indeed, on March 22, the mother of Jacques and Gabriella was seen on the tarmac of Nice airport. According to the Italian press, she headed for Corsica after making a pact with her husband: the princess would have freedom of movement, before resuming her princely commitments.

Photo credits: Bruno Bebert / Bestimage



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