Princess Leonor back: Her family’s support for Ukrainian refugees

Princess Leonor of Spain was with her entire family on Easter Eve in the suburbs of Madrid. This was to visit a reception and aid center for Ukrainian refugees in Spain.

Princess Leonor of Spain, 16, made another public appearance on Easter Eve. Leonor of Spain was seen with King Felipe VI, 54, Queen Letizia, 49, and the Infanta Sofía, 14, on the outskirts of Madrid today. The Spanish royal family was visiting the reception and aid center for Ukrainian refugees in Spain. Upon arrival at the center, the royals were greeted by the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration and the Secretary of State for Migration.

During the visit, the royal family started with the management of the center. The Directorate General of Police, the Catholic Association of Spanish Immigrants and the Centers for International Protection were responsible for welcoming their majesties. Afterwards, King Felipe VI, Queen Letizia, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía met some of the refugees who willingly told their stories. Queen Letizia of Spain and Princess Leonor also sat down with refugee children to see their drawings. During the visit, King Felipe VI of Spain took time to play with a child and even interacted with a young boy listening to music.

Spain shows its unwavering support for the Ukrainian people

The Spanish monarchy was among the first to support the Ukrainian people fleeing the horrors of war. In fact, only a few days after Russia invaded Ukraine, King Felipe VI of Spain visited a logistics center that is trying to get people out of the country. The King and Queen of Spain also visited the Red Cross center that coordinates the humanitarian aid from Spain to Ukraine.

It should also be noted that this visit is the first time Princess Leonor of Spain has made a public appearance in 6 months. The royal is on the home stretch of her first year at UWC Atlantic, a college in the United Kingdom. Leonor of Spain is finishing her high school studies there. Princess Leonor returned to Spain for the Easter vacations and is expected to return to college on April 24, Royal Central reports.

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