Elizabeth II is 96 years old: What has she planned for her birthday?

For her 96th birthday, Elizabeth II has chosen to spend the day of Thursday, April 21, far from Buckingham Palace. The English edition of L’Express, reveals how the sovereign wishes to celebrate her birthday.

This Thursday, April 21, Elizabeth II celebrates her 96th birthday. A birthday that the sovereign celebrates far from the bustle of Buckingham Palace. According to the English edition of L’Express, the Queen is spending the day with her family and friends at the Wood Farm residence in Sandringham. It is on board a helicopter that the grandmother of Princes William and Harry went there because of her health problems, explained a royal expert to our confreres.

Wood Farm is a place dear to the Queen’s heart, since it is the residence that her husband, Prince Philip, chose to enjoy his retirement from 2017. He spent time there painting and reading, our confreres report. Since his death in April 2021, the queen has visited it several times, including last February for the 70th anniversary of his reign, which all of England will celebrate in June. “It’s a very special anniversary. It takes place during the year of her platinum jubilee, which is unique in our history,” royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told The Express. But as the Queen has reduced her public appearances in recent months, it is not yet known what events she will attend over the four-day bank holiday weekend,” he added.

Wood Farm, a place much appreciated by Elizabeth II and her family

So while waiting for the festivities in which the English hope she will be able to participate despite her fragile health, she enjoys her family residence. “The whole royal family loves Wood Farm, because it’s secluded, it’s small, it’s intimate. There’s not a lot of house staff, there’s just the close staff. They can literally relax in the family home, it’s wonderful. I spent 22 wonderful years there, it was the best time of my life without a doubt,” Teresa Thompson, one of the housekeepers at Wood Farm, now retired, told the English newspaper.

On the occasion of the Queen’s 96th birthday, the palace unveiled on Instagram an unpublished photo. On it, we discover the mother of Prince Charles surrounded by her two white ponies, named Bybeck Katie and Bybeck Nightingale. A shot taken “last month in the park of Windsor Castle” during the “Royal Windsor Horse Show” that the monarch “has always followed”, we read in the caption.

Elizabeth II is 96 years old: what has she planned for her birthday?

On the occasion of the 96th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace unveiled on Instagram a new photo of the sovereign, this Thursday, April 21.

God save the queen! This Thursday, April 21, Elizabeth II celebrates her 96th birthday. For the occasion, the queen gave some news. It is surrounded by her two white ponies, named Bybeck Katie and Bybeck Nightingale, that the sovereign appeared on an unexpected photo, revealed on the official Instagram account of the royal family. A shot taken “last month in the park of Windsor Castle” during the “Royal Windsor Horse Show” that the monarch “has always followed”, it is stated in the caption. A memory relayed by journalist Lizzie Robinson on Twitter that delighted fans of the crown, as evidenced by the many comments wishing him a “happy birthday”.

For the grandmother of Princes William and Harry, the festivities are just beginning. On April 21, she should spend the day away from the hustle and bustle of Buckingham Palace at Wood Farm (in Sandringham), the house that belonged to her husband Prince Philip, who died in April 2021. A place where the Duke of Edinburgh decided to enjoy his retirement since 2017. As reported by the Daily Mail, his relatives should visit him in the coming days. In June, the whole of England will celebrate his birthday and his platinum jubilee.

Prince Harry gives news of Elizabeth II

Festivities that Elizabeth II will attend in part because of her fragile health. Since the beginning of the year, Prince Charles’ mother has had to cancel several of her official outings. Some even feared that she would not be able to attend the tribute to Prince Philip. Since then, the royal expert Camilla Tominey announced to the Telegraph on April 4 that she would perform her duties from her living room at Windsor Castle. Passing through England before going to the Netherlands for the Invictus Games, Prince Harry gave news of his grandmother.

In an interview granted to NBC News, and broadcast in full this Wednesday, April 20, he assured the journalist Hoda Kotb: “You know she is in great shape. She always has a good sense of humor with me,” he enthused. A “very cordial” meeting with the sovereign who was “incredibly warm and good-humored”. Delighted to meet her again, he added: “Being with her was great. It was so nice to see her. Meghan Markle‘s companion also insisted that he was looking out for her, despite the distance. “I just make sure she’s, you know, protected and has the right people around her,” he said.

Elizabeth II will celebrate her 96th birthday in a place dear to her heart: find out where!

On April 21, Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 96th birthday. An event that she plans to celebrate far from the bustle of Buckingham Palace, but in a place that reminds her of her late husband, Prince Philip.

It is far from Buckingham Palace that Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate, on April 21, her 96th birthday. As revealed by the Daily Mail, the Sovereign has chosen to celebrate her birthday at Sandringham, in the quiet of Wood Farm, the house that belonged to Prince Philip, who died in April 2021. According to the tabloid, Prince Charles’ mother made the trip by helicopter and arrived in this Norfolk village earlier in the day. Not very fond of celebrations in great pomp, the one who celebrates this year her platinum jubilee should nevertheless receive the visit of her relatives in the coming days. As is the English tradition, the official ceremonies of her birthday will take place in June.

This attachment to Sandringham, Elizabeth II first got it from her father, King George VI, who loved to visit the property owned by the royal family in this small village on the east coast of the kingdom. Several decades later, it was her husband, Prince Philip, who fell in love with the place. In fact, it was in the “modest” five-bedroom farmhouse that he chose to move to after retiring in 2017. The grandmother of William and Harry was then regularly going back and forth from London to spend a few days with him. An arrangement that may have come as a surprise, and that she justified by explaining that her husband had “richly deserved his freedom and quietude after decades of good and loyal service.”

Prince Harry gives reassuring news

If, for several weeks, the health of the Sovereign seemed fragile, this trip to several dozen miles of London seems to indicate a renewed energy. This is what one of his grandsons, Prince Harry, said after visiting him on April 14, in the greatest of secrecy.

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