Prince Albert II: His daughter in couple, but who is her musician companion?

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, the eldest daughter of Prince Albert of Monaco, has been in perfect love for several years in the arms of her partner, the musician Ian Mellencamp. They have even sung a duet together. But who is he?

Born out of wedlock, and therefore illegitimately, in 1992, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi is the first child of Prince Albert II of Monaco, fruit of his relationship with Tamara Rotolo, an American met on the French Riviera one summer in the 1990s. Today, at the age of 30, the young woman, raised alone by her mother and officially recognized by her father since 2006, is happier than ever. And for good reason, she seems to have found Prince Charming! Since October 2016, she is indeed in a relationship with the musician Ian Mellencamp. The two lovebirds, truly inseparable, live in New York.

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi’s boyfriend is the nephew of John Mellencamp, a folk rock guitarist musician celebrated by the Grammy Awards and to whom he was close during his childhood. A freelance musician and performer, Ian Mellencamp has been drawn to the stage from an early age. He started playing piano at the age of 5 before playing guitar in a high school band. After several singles and EPs, he released his first album in 2019, titled “Romance in D”. This passion for music, he now shares with his partner. The half-sister of James and Gabriella, who is an actress and singer, has indeed shared two duets with him: the track Thankful, released in December 2019, and the song On Day at a Time, released in October 2020.

Ian Mellencamp sa compagne Jazmin Grace Grimaldi au photocall de la soirée Princess Grace Awards 2019 à l’hôtel Plaza de New York le 25 novembre 219.


Jazmin Grace Grimaldi and Ian Mellencamp: they are inseparable

While they celebrated five years of relationship last October, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi and Ian Mellencamp do not leave each other a sole. More in love than ever, they appeared on April 19 at the 32nd luncheon of the Colleagues in Beverly Hills, an event raising funds for abused children, reported Royal Stories. Grace Kelly’s granddaughter arrived on the arm of her charming musician and they both made a splash on the red carpet, each wearing a blazer and pantsuit. More smiling than ever, the couple did not hesitate to pose for the photographers, before attending the award ceremony, which rewarded the actress Catherine Oxenberg, known for her role in Dynasty, and her daughter India for their work in child protection. One thing is sure, the daughter of Prince Albert is in heaven with her musician.

Photo credits: STARMAX / BESTIMAGE



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