Princess Charlene of Monaco exiled to the peninsula of Palombaggia, details on “her escape” from the Rock

After the Easter holidays celebrated with her family, Charlene of Monaco would have already returned to Corsica, and would stay on the peninsula of Palombaggia, in the property of a friend.

This is at least what the German magazine “Das Neue Blatt” says, which has revealed some photos.

And his statement is confirmed in part by the magazine France Dimanche, recalling that during her stays in the principality, she would put herself away from the palace where she would never feel in her place.

A source close to the family said: “She does not really want to go back there”.

It would be at the farm Roc-Agel, “property of the Grimaldis located in the Monegasque hinterland where the princess had spent the first confinement, she has put her bags.

And when she is not at Roc Agel, she would take refuge in Corsica, especially on the peninsula of Palombaggia, where she would spend every summer as part of her mission with her foundation.

“France Dimanche” already reported that in 2017, that a water damage to the Palace had forced Princess Charlene of Monaco and her twins, Gabriella and Jacques.

She stayed at the Hermitage Hotel, “an exile that would last only a few weeks the time to make repairs and redo the paintings. One more inconvenience but the problem could have been solved within a reasonable time”, but it would have lasted ten months. Prince Albert of Monaco was in no hurry for his wife to return to the Palace.

And when the first lady left the Hermitage, she had returned to the former apartment of her sister-in-law Stephanie Place de la Visitation.

Photos credits: Bestimage



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